Raiders Nation

“You don’t know what you’ve got yourself into…” Well, yeah, maybe not, but… “we still want to go and experience this madness hand’s on, in the pit, in ‘Paint it Black’ nation with all the crazy fans in… Oakland” (damn that was… long). And, so we did. Oh hell yeah we did. D to the […]

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2748 Hyde Street

“Fall in love with EF”. When you step through the door at this address, this is the message you get treated to: “Fall in love…”… And yeah, you do. You fall in love with everything that makes EF San Francisco what it is: the city, the school, the staff and, not to say the least, […]

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T as in Tenderloin

Tenderloin… Mmm, sounds kinda’ juicy, right? A nice little tenderloin steak with fries or mash, and an extra side like coleslaw or some sweet corn (on a cob)? Think again. Welcome to another side of Tenderloin; the one that will cost you more than you could imagine to get to experience in its raw nature. […]

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Giants at AT&T

The first “real” day of school finished off by offering the ability to go to a Giants game (not the NY-model) in MLB. This would be a first for me and even though I’ve really never been that into baseball, of course I had to go. Already having crossed of NHL and NBA on my […]

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Treasure hunting

Sunday morning. When I woke up with the sun shining through my window on the first day in SF, a feeling of some kind of sensation went through my body. Like a mix between curiosity and “I have no idea of where to start but I’ll just go with it and see where it takes […]

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This is: San Francisco

1849. The Gold Rush. The Golden Days that were meant to change the lives of all the (un)happy people who traveled to California from all over the world, in search for new found wealth. With its Spanish roots, named after the Catholic ‘Saint Francis’, San Francisco is a city like no else. The name dates […]

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10.15. PM. Time stands still, or at least the illusion of it, inside my head. I’ve just picked up my “just on the edge of being too heavy”-suitcase off the carousel, having undergone the ever-soothing nervous process that precedes that moment when you’re about to enter the land of the “American Dream”. The name of […]

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