Giants at AT&T

The first “real” day of school finished off by offering the ability to go to a Giants game (not the NY-model) in MLB. This would be a first for me and even though I’ve really never been that into baseball, of course I had to go. Already having crossed of NHL and NBA on my “Big 4 American Sports-list”, MLB would leave only NFL (something I’d already planned to take care of within the next few weeks).

After walking by the water through Fisherman’s we passed under the Bay Bridge before arriving at AT&T Stadium (of many considered to be the best ball game arena in the country).

Since both Spencer and Nick (EF-representatives) joined us for the event, opportunity to actually learn the rules while watching live was present and of course I made sure to take advantage of it (not in a bad way; scouts honor). Both of ’em are really good guys and they were patient enough to make sure to answer all questions that came up, combining it with the info they presented on their own terms.

The Giants have, since they won the World Series three times between 2010-2014, struggled the last couple of seasons, with 2017 continuing on that track. Since the Dodgers were their opponents this evening, an old rivalry came to life between the two Californian teams; SF and LA really don’t like each other when it comes to sports. The game itself was actually more exciting than I’d expected and even though the Giants put up a good fight, still it was the Dodgers who came out of it with the W (as in “Win”).

No matter what, this night got me interested in the sport for real and I’ll definitely follow it more closely from now on.

For some reason it always ends up being more fun when you understand the rules and can actually keep up with the game.

I know, how strange.







〈 Sep 12 〉

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